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Jul. 15th, 2007 @ 09:53 pm (no subject)
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I was chatting with one of my staff about the italy trip and in particular the consumption of red wine over there and how it tasted different.
To my surprise on friday she had placed two bottles of italian wine (both from the town of Montalpuciano where we had visited) for me that apparently Dan Murphy's stocks.

I popped open the bottle of Abruzzo on friday nite and discovered it was the best Ive had since leaving italy last year...polishing off the bottle pretty quickly... that then put me in the mood to go out lol

Didnt really enjoy my nite out altho I ran into quite a few people I hadnt seen in awhile which was good.
Was only out a few hours and lasted about an hour 1/2 at the Squeal which altho there was a line to get in was not as busy inside as I expected it to be.

Yesterday was a pretty quiet one, and I had an invitation to go out but ended up falling asleep on the couch...mustve needed the rest.

Today I decided I wasnt gona stay inside...I headed into the city, did some shopping at the Myer sale, had lunch at QV and picked up some more Italian red from Dan Murphys then went and checked out the Karin Catt's "Famous" portraits exhibition at the State Library which was really good.
I want to see the Guggenheim exhibit at NGV also but the Englishman also wanted to...I think maybe I should just make plans for my own tour...

I was tempted to call in and see the Englishman but figured that would come close to stalking so decided against it.

Have a fitness assessment with the Personal trainer on wednesday but not looking forward to it...Ive been a little bad this weekend...I need some "leisure" activities to burn it off *sigh*
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