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Aug. 22nd, 2007 @ 07:18 pm (no subject)
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Ok so I fobbed off this course but Im actually surprised that the content has taught me alot over the last 2 days.
Although its semi designed for 'business purposes' and teaches you how to be more of an effective manager its actually more designed at self examining yourself and bettering your own personal effectiveness.
Its made me confront a few issues and somewhat slapped me in the face to make me look at situations alot
differently and also how I react to these situations.
I THINK with some work it will certainly help me in a few areas, and if I only get one thing out of the course it will be invaluable. Some of the concepts are a little meh but there are some really interesting ones regarding proactivity.
Perhaps these skills will be invaluable in dealing with a couple of certain people lol

Also discovered in my Inbox tonight I won a competition for a double movie pass from Qantas to see "Surfs Up" which I doubt I wouldve gone to see at the movies, but since its free it always makes it more worthwhile :)
(cant even remembered what Id done to win it lol)
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