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Jan. 29th, 2008 @ 10:17 pm Return from the ashes!
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I had no idea its been 4 months since I last posted - what can I say but Ive been too busy!
Met a wonderful man whom Ive been seeing for quite awhile now and things couldnt be better.
It happened unexpectedly, that is to say he was a friend and things just bounced from there, completely blindsiding me one nite we were out!
Hes more non-scene than scene and refreshingly doesnt believe that because he's gay that should define who he is or how he acts.
Hes mature, intelligent yet humble, has a passion for red wine (as I do thanks to the trip to Italy), believes in getting out and experiencing things more than sitting home in front of a tv, has more straight friends than Gay, is the complete opposite of me and is tactile to the max as well as having no problem expressing this in public.
All his friends and immediate family have embraced me as if they have known me for years, and that is a testament to the person he is and what they think of him which speaks volumes to me.
A brief (and strained) trip back to NZ for 9 days saw me arrive home before Xmas to spend 10 days from Xmas Eve with him.
We had a Xmas Eve party at his house with 12 of his closest friends and then spent Xmas having a Champagne breakfast/lunch with his parents which was fantastic.
Xmas nite was on our own as his housemates were off doing the family thing for a few days.
Day after boxing day we spent a nite in Dunolly with a school friend of his (and his partner) in what could only be described as a boutique hotel but something that looked like it was recently out of Home & Garden.
Then it was off to Daylesford to spend 3 great nites in a house one of his friends had lent us in the sweltering heat and see in the New Year with a close friend couple of his. BBQ, daylesford lake swim and many champagne bottles later we saw in the new year.
08 has continued well and now planning for trips in March has started.
I dont get alot of time at the moment as most of my weekends are spent in Geelong with him with the occasional one up here and work is keeping me pretty occupied during the week.
It has taken me pretty much out of the scene which I havent really missed, or I guess more the bullshit and meat market. I dont get to see as many people as I want to now and must make more time to catch up with a couple of people who I miss seeing.
Things will be interesting when I look to moving to Geelong in the next 3 months as well but I have to say I really love it down there by the beach. Everything is within walking distance and houses to rent are quite cheap...it will be a complete lifestyle change. Im not even phased by the 45 minute train journey each way to continue working in Melbourne.
After the last relationship I had (which brought me to Australia) I can honestly say I feel like Im in an adult relationship, I fully trust the person Im with and "THIS" is what its meant to be/feel like...its too early for love, but it certainly feels right.

Oh and yes hes a redhead and I love it!

"Daylesford New Years 07"

"My Evil Beast"
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Date:April 22nd, 2008 10:35 am (UTC)
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Thanks Mr! I thought you'd disappeared LOL

And thanks re: the pic, it was a rather drunken and great day :P
Date:February 3rd, 2008 09:12 am (UTC)

Congrats mate

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Hi Shane, long time. Glad to read that you're happy. Lots has gone on in my life lately, flick me an e-mail and we'll catch up!

Cheers Mate
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Date:April 22nd, 2008 11:08 am (UTC)

Re: Congrats mate

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Thanks Andrew, and likewise with you after our quick conversation!
Ive been a bit slack on that email but its on its way LOL

Talk soon and take care mate :)