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Apr. 22nd, 2008 @ 08:37 pm On the move...
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Well its official - Im on the move.
Ive found a great place to live in the posh suburb of Newtown amongst Geelongs elite. Thats right Im moving to Geelong in 3 weeks!

Decided since I couldnt find something I liked I would share and I was lucky to find Kate (well Kate found me), a 28 y/o woman who owns a beautiful 3 bedroom house looking to rent one of those rooms. I get my own living room as it had two living spaces and it'll halve my rent effectively.
Plus Im only a 20 min walk to the other halves house, the city centre and beach which is handy and the train station would be no more than 15 mins or a 5 minute drive, brilliant!

As much as Ive loved my 7 years in melbourne Im really looking forward to some quiet country-style living, it reminds me of home but only 20x better...

This weekend marks the 6 month anniversary of the Beast and I getting together and we decided to mark the occasion by doing something out of the ordinary. We booked a suite at Kryal castle (www.kryalcastle.com.au) complete with 4 poster bed and corner spa bath...along with the bottle of Seppelt 2002 vintage champagne I have from the trip to the Grampians at Easter and a surprise dinner in Ballarat will make for a fun nite over Anzac weekend.

A couple of bumpy patches have seen things progress well between the Beast and I, nobody said it would be easy but I wouldnt give up any of the last 6 months for anything. This man really gets me and we seem to fit well.
We are planning a trip to NZ later in the year and Ill be dropping by some relatives to surprise them as he has done with me over here. Itll be an interesting trip.
Being in Geelong will also help with freeing up some weekend time and hopefully the chance to get back out and catch up with some friends I havent had time to see of late since my weekends have been tied up.

Ive been out 4 times in the last 6 months on the scene and can honestly say I havent missed it, in fact I look at some of those on it in a different light, some not such a good way either but then thats all part of my learning experience in life.

Incidently I discovered 3 weeks ago that the English bastad is now working in a furniture store less than 100 metres from my new place of work. How you ask? By nearly bowling him over while shopping there, if only I had....ughh.

Work is mad ass busy and finally there may be some new roles on the horizon...but Im not getting too excited just yet. Watch this space...

I think thats it.
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