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May. 9th, 2008 @ 11:02 pm Its time....
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Well this is my last nite in my flat before I move to Geelong...Im off to stay there tomorrow nite after finishing up some packing tomorrow then head up on sunday with a truck to do the move. Have to say Im really looking forward to getting out of here, particularly now I have the dispute with the landlord going on. Im a little worried about the bond refund and if they decide to screw me they better watch the fuck out. Im not in the mood to be fucked around again. (pardon the expletives but Ive had my fill of shitty real estate agents and now a useless and tightass landlord who wont even spend $5 on a bluddy washer for the toilet...arghhh).

The Evil Beast came up and stayed last nite and we headed out for dinner, like we did the first time he stayed with me since we got together...some good memories there and a bit of a milestone for him. Im looking forward to being closer to him and not solely rely on weekends to spend time, that being said we've done well over the last 7 months....just this way we can do more during the week and I can head up to Melbourne for a change to do a few things on the weekend and see some people Ive been neglecting LOL

Packing has been horrendus but Ive culled shit and gotten rid of alot of stuff also (including tonnes of clothes and shoes!)..its kinda a cleansing exercise. That and since Ill be sharing I dont have alot of room for things!

That being said have ended up with some new gadgets...since I dont have a landline I needed to upgrade my phone contract so thanks to Optus (and Strathfield) I now have a new Nokia 6300 for nix...not into flashy gadget phones anymore and this stainless steel version does all I need.. Im also loving the mobile wireless broadband - talk about blistering downloads! So far Ive had line connections up to 3.121mbps...woohoo...whether that will last in Geelong remains to be seen hehehe Since my share house doesnt have landline both these options should see me through for awhile plus I also scored a free bluetooth headset and a new Ipod 80gig classic for nix...not a bad 1/2 hour to spend in store for.
Ive been running the macbook through the Sony 26inch LCD tv and have to say Im pleased with the quality...itll work well in my bedroom for surfing and watching Grand designs that is recorded weekly on the dvd recorder hehehe
Where would we be without gadgets?!

Hmmm that is all for now...sleep...pack...sleep....move....clean...
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