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Jun. 19th, 2007 @ 09:37 pm Weight update
Current State Of Mind: accomplishedaccomplished
Im now 2kgs off my "half way" point...total weightloss to date is now 18kgs...thats 36 blocks of butter...fuck me.
Someone back home told me Id lost several chins, but I dunno I still look at myself and dont notice the change so much but do notice it in my clothes now...If I can make it to 35kgs Ill be satisfied.
It wasnt as hard as I thought it would be...
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Jun. 19th, 2007 @ 09:02 pm What a week
Current State Of Mind: draineddrained
Current Tunes: Chris Daughtry - Its Not Over
Its been a pretty emotionally draining start to the week and has followed on from a rather stressful week last week.
First off a thank you to dv8cub and Mikey for the fun nite out friday week ago and neverending vodka bombs to top off what was a great b'day week. Also thanks to ramcub for the card I received in the post today...given the circumstances Robbie Im not surprised you forgot!

So friday a week ago I headed home to visit the parents with a particular mission in mind - to help my mother execute her move out of the family home into a newly purchased one of her own. It was all on the lowdown and due to previous history and past experiences she had left it till I arrived to tell my Stepfather that it was happening.
After two rather uncomfortable days she dropped the bombshell then it was all on from there. That day and the following I worked like a dog to pack and move all her possessions out into her new property. It was a very tense and uncomfortable position to be in and I didnt realise until I got home just how much it had taken out of me, not only physically but mentally as well, I not only had to contend with the moving but also provide support to my Mother who once the process began, started to question the huge task of what was ahead.
Ive never been close to "him" and only really tolerated him for my Mothers benefit but I did feel sorry for him, despite him going though all the different stages, he appears now to have taken it rather badly but still will not acknowledge responsibility for his actions over the past 24 years which has ultimately resulted in the reason this has come about.
Thankfully my Mother seems to have grown into a confident and stronger person due to meeting someone prior to this happening however sadly that too seems to have fallen by the wayside due to him not respecting that she is a person and not a possession who cannot be controlled.
The whole aftermath of this and some comments made also raised a few memories from my own past as there have been similarities in a few areas.
I have to say one good thing came out of being home, it made me appreciate Melbourne even more and although I miss some family and friends from NZ enormously I dont think I could ever be happy living back there again. :(

Fast forward to yesterday and after running late for work, I narrowly missed walking past the shooting incident that occurred in Melbournes CBD.
The incident happened on the corner of my buildings street and sadly two of my staff either saw the incident occur or happened to be there just after.
The whole area around ours and the surrounding buildings were cordoned off and within a short space of time our building went into lockdown mode.
Security guards were placed on our entrance to the building and noone was allowed out until around 2pm.
I saw the body laying on the road as I was getting some breakfast prior to the lockdown and it was a freaky experience to say the least.
It is scary to think that in our own city someone coming to the aid of another person in distress can end up being the victim paying with their life and only highlights not only how precious life is but also how short it can be.
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May. 24th, 2007 @ 10:38 pm Planning...
Current State Of Mind: contemplativecontemplative
Current Tunes: Tell Me Why (Tv Rock Remix) - Supermode
Ok soooo Ive had a change of mind yet again....after discussions with my travel agent Im now thinking of going a little further than Hong Kong in December.
It seems I can fly direct to Rome and home with 1 stop either way for around $2500 at the time Im looking to fly in December given its low season.
What Im toying with now is flying direct to Rome for 6 nites, taking an internal flight to Paris for 2 nites, back to Rome for a nite before out to Hong kong for 4 nites, then home to NZ Boxing Day till New Years day before heading back to Melbourne.
The other option I have is to fly direct to Paris and then internal flights to & from Rome...need to look at timings and options.
Itll be busy but fun and you only live once as sumone reminded me a little while ago...
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May. 14th, 2007 @ 09:58 pm Im off
Current State Of Mind: grumpygrumpy
Current Tunes: Andy Bell feat Jake Shears - I Thought It Was You
Well my xmas leave was approved so I end up with just on 3 weeks leave in all. i spoke to the travel agent today and we seem to be getting a good deal on Hong Kong which is good cos this means Ill have more to shop with LOL
Ill be spending one nite there before heading across to Macau for 3 days then back to Kowloon for another 4 nites. Ive also got a day trip to Shenzen (in mainland China) organised plus a day pass to Hong Kong Disneyland...should be interesting. Then its back home for a nite before flying home for another 7 nites then back for New Years...its still away off but something to look forward to at the end of the year.

I was sick today so didnt end up going to work, Ive had a couple of bad migraines of late and this morning was one of the worst, most of the day was spent in my darkened bedroom after I took something to knock me out.

I was thinking about my job this afternoon and think its time I looked for something new, Im a little tired of being a people manager and look forward to being in a role where Im not responsible for others. My 2IC who left friday is going into an Assistant Manager role in another area dealing with Business clients and her boss apparently made a comment to her about me being due for a change. She mentioned to him that I nearly applied for one of the other Manager positions there and he asked why I hadnt, after she had told him that I didnt think I had all they were looking for he said the calibre of people they had interviewed were so bad that they had to look externally and that I shouldve, I wouldve been a certainty...Im now thinking I may approach the Manager given I know a few of them and see if its not too late, 5 years in the current role has zapped alot of my energy and a change is as good as a rest I think...thats my task this week, its time to make a change...

I havent enjoyed my weekend...I made a last minute decision to head out friday nite, which in itself was good to catch up with a couple of people but it also had me thinking about men and how shallow they can be, including myself. I know I look at guys and think "Wow hes cute", but I will never approach someone I find attractive unless Im tanked, even then its at a push. I had two people whistle at me on friday nite, which given I dont see the change in my weightloss find bizarre...it also led me into another conversation with someone there, who altho I knew kinda liked me made it more clear now that he did moreso since Ive lost weight... whatever happened to liking people for who they are? Needless to say nothing will happen with this person, whether Im skinny or not... men are complicated creatures and I think being single is definately an easier option for me...maybe I shoulda missed the 2nd flight in Rome *sigh*
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May. 9th, 2007 @ 10:43 pm weight update
Current State Of Mind: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Tunes: Zero 7 - Likufanele
Ok so Ive been doing this whole weight thing for a little while now and when I started I set myself an interim target of losing 20kgs before I ended up flying home in June...I weighed myself this morning and Im now just over 5.5kgs short of this with exactly 4 weeks to go...

Im happy, Im feeling better...am going out less, have had alcohol 2x since Easter which is huge for me and maintaining my gym sessions (with the exception of being sick last week) at 4 days a week minimum.

Ill hit this goal and then Ill be around half way...leaving me 20 kgs to shed before I head for hong kong mid december and then home for a surprise trip for Xmas...

Altho Im sure my right bicep is bigger than my left...weird lol
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May. 2nd, 2007 @ 09:46 pm Bonus
Current State Of Mind: pleasedpleased
Current Tunes: Zero 7 - Destiny
Online shopping is not only addictive but also can be fun...Ive been after Will & Grace on DVD for ages and could never find it anywhere.
Well what luck while browsing Amazon.com and noticing I had items in my treasure chest, upon clicking this they were offering me Queer as Folk season 3 & 4 for $29 usd each and seasons 1-5 bundle of Will & Grace for $60usd instead of $160...so overall with the great exchange rate I got 7 box sets (41 discs) for $144 AUD... not bad really...woot.
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Apr. 30th, 2007 @ 09:27 pm Dear Mr President
Current State Of Mind: impressedimpressed
Current Tunes: Pink - U & Ur Hand (Bimbo Jones remix)
Hmmm forgot to mention I went to see Pink on Saturday nite....I can honestly say that it was probably the best concert Ive been to almost rivaling Kylie's Showgirl Tour.
Of course shes a completely different singer but she knows how to perform and I certainly got my moneys worth, all $89 I paid for my gold ticket which was the best seat Ive ever had at Rod Laver.
I always loved the song Dear Mr President and after seeing the images she was beaming onto the vid screens in the performance think she is definately giving Mr Bush a run for his money. This woman is not backward in coming out and saying what she thinks...good on her too and dam she can sing live.
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Apr. 30th, 2007 @ 08:58 pm (no subject)
Current State Of Mind: determineddetermined
Current Tunes: Goldfrapp - Ooh La La
Ok so food poisoning is the pits, and Ill be steering clear of Nandos for some time... I dunno how ure body can get rid of so much from inside and you still just seem to find more...ughhh.
So on my day off and frequent toilet trips (and after chatting with someone the other nite) Ive been doing alot of thinking and come to sum conclusions about what I need to do and goals I need to put in place:

1. continue creating a healthier me. Alcohol (& other substances) have been reduced to almost non existant. Im on track to reach my 20kg weightloss goal before I head back home in June. Im reeducating my eating habits also with some success.

2. after my trip home, cut up all my credit cards bar one and consolidate what debt I have left to personal loan in order to better my financial position. This will also help with goal # 5 next year.

3. get into my painting again. A friend has been pushing me to do some more as she thinks she can sell them easily but I just havent been motivated enough to do so. I do enjoy it and it helps me to relax also. Money is always a great motivator and this will also help with goal # 2!

4. sort out some work issues. Another Manager and I are rallying together to get out job roles not only updated but re-evaluated. We feel they are not adequately rated compared to other similar areas and if it is upgraded will also assist with further promotion within the management group. Along with this we have both decided to continue our study the end of the year (which is fast approaching) and complete our Bsc of Management.
We will also be tackling our rather "different" Boss on some issues within the area which appear to be getting bad.

5. enter into the property market next year. I need to lay down some roots (so to speak, as opposed to finding another one LOL) and start being a grown-up. Im tired of paying $800 a month into someone elses mortgage when that would be more than 1/2 of my OWN. Ive found some great places and rather than buy new, I want to get something small, and work my way up. Even if I can do it up myself, Ive enjoyed that since I did my own place back in NZ many years ago, it makes you appreciate it even more.

I think thats a good start. Along with these Ive decided Im heading back home this year for xmas to suprise my mother. It will be her first xmas away from my stepdad once i move her out next month and I think it will really surprise her. That means that Rome and San Fran will be on hold for awhile which is a good thing. Ive wanted to go back to Rome for many reasons but I hate to say that it wouldnt be good for me either financially or emotionally, as much as I could jump at the chance to go back...even live there. Life is a bitch and tryin to be a level headed grownup can really bite.
Soooo I decided inline with going home (if I can swing the leave) that a trip to Hong Kong for a few days to quench my travel appetite will also be in order. I hear the shopping is amazing and Ill need a new wardrobe by then!

On a sidenote - I bought a pair of CountryRoad cargo pants in a 38inch waist yesterday...it feels good to be less of who I was....
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Apr. 27th, 2007 @ 06:24 pm What the...
Current State Of Mind: annoyedannoyed
Current Tunes: Jamelia - Beware of The Dog
Ex's are that for a reason...I can honestly say Ive never been happier to be single.
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Apr. 22nd, 2007 @ 09:08 pm Finally!
Current State Of Mind: bouncybouncy
Current Tunes: Dukes of Windsor vs TV Rock - The Others
Well what do you know, after being inspired to enter competitions by dv8cub after travelling with him last year it was only fitting that I get a message from him tonight asking me if my name was one of the winners on a website tonight LOL

Hadnt heard anything about it but as far as I know Im the only S XXXXXX in Victoria and upon checking my emails I found this:

Congratulations, you have been judged a winner in the exclusive Brewtopia competition.

As your prize is a case of personalised beer, Brewtopia will be contacting you shortly to let you know how to pick up your prize.

Well done, and happy "consuming"

Too funny, my first competition and its a case of personalised beer...I cant even remember what I wrote in the "25 words or less" but it mustve worked!

Now if only I could win a dam holiday somewhere...
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