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Aug. 6th, 2007 @ 09:13 pm just stuff
Current State Of Mind: bouncybouncy
Current Tunes: Bananarama - Feel For You
Im still a bit of a fan of the eighties and its music and altho I didnt like them that much then thought I would download Bananarama's new release...I have to say Im kinda impressed. It seems to be the thing to release dancey albums at the moment since Madonna started it and this is no exception. But I will almost go to say I like alot of the tracks on this more than Madonnas Confessions album. Way to go girls...

So I went to update my video iPod (which has been sitting in my bedside drawers) for the last 4 months only to notice that the lcd screen has a big shitty crack right through the middle of the screen - grrrrrrr.
Its hardly been used and Ive not dropped it or anything, but apparently this is not uncommon...bluddy Apple. And what do you know the warranty only expired last month.
Ive been quoted $219 to replace it which is crap cos its almost cheaper to buy a new one. Scoured ebay and found a replacement with the tools to do it for $30...this will be interesting.

Gym is going well, am now at 24kgs lost and the personal training sessions (as much as they kill the living daylights out of me) seem to be helping the muscles and toning...Im beginning to like how I look now AND Its great to be able to buy new, smaller clothes. Im the smallest Ive been in around 9 years :)

On that, Im loving ebay as well....I got some Diesel shoes from the US for $34USD with the current exchange rate hit me for around $43AUD...a huge saving on the usual $200AUD odd price tag...ebay will be my new obsession LOL
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